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Erchonia Cold Laser

Low Level Laser Therapy

What can it do for you?

Low Level Laser Therapy uses a cold light to increase the speed, quality and tensile strength of tissue repair. It PROMOTES HEALING. This happens because the light energy causes a photochemical reaction at the cellular level, waking up the mitochondria in the cells which facilitates cell reproduction and growth, faster wound healing, increases metabolic activity, reduce fibrous tissue formation (scar tissue), reduce inflammation, and stimulate nerve function. Light energy is a non-invasive, alternative treatment method and may eliminate the need for surgery or pharmaceutical drugs and medication.

Our office follows over 400 protocols unique to each condition or illness being treated. These protocols have been researched over the last 15 years and certified safe and effective by the FDA. The cold laser does not “burn things up” inside your body like a thermal laser; instead it TURNS ON the lagging cellular activity to promote healing. Lasers of this type have been in use for over 25 years.

Check out our most common laser treatments:


Common Laser Treatments

Several other protocols are available for hundreds of other conditions. Please call the office or ask at your next visit for treatment options and affordable pricing. The number of treatments required depends on the severity and duration of symptoms. Treatment for Acute and Chronic Pain are included with spinal adjustments when applicable.



Q1: What is the low-level laser doing?

A: Low-Level Laser Therapy restores health by removing the underlying causes of ill-health by decreasing inflammation, increasing oxygen and blood flow, promoting muscle calcium uptake,and increasing neurotransmitter release.

Q2: How does the low-level laser work?

A: Laser light passes through the skin and stimulates the cells energy production center, called the mitochondria, creating more energy, better cell communication, improved tissue growth, enhanced cell nutrition, and extended cell life.

Q3: How does low-level laser therapy strengthen muscle?

A: Low-level laser light increases cell energy by stimulating the cell energy center, the mitochondria, to generate energy the nerves use to strengthen the muscles.

Q4: How can low-level laser therapy penetrate through clothing?

A: Low-level lasers emit 45 billion light particles, called photons, every second, and, even though clothing restricts laser light from reaching the skin to some degree, enough photons pass through the clothing to create a therapeutic effect.

Q5: Why can’t I feel anything during a low-level laser treatment?

A: You won’t feel the low-level laser light because it doesn’t create heat or vibrate the tissue because of its low power. After low-level laser treatments people often experience less pain, more strength, and better joint movement.

Q6: How can a beneficial low-level laser response occur in a matter of a few seconds?

A: Low-level laser light stimulates cell receptors to increase cell energy production. Anytime one cell is stimulated to create more energy, many other cells will also be stimulated to produce more energy.

Q7: What are additional benefits of low-level laser therapy?

A: Additional benefits of low-level laser therapy include increased protein production, healthy cellgrowth, wound healing, circulation, tissue regeneration, and immunity.

Q8: How long does a laser treatment last?

A: Clinical studies show that positive laser results can be immediate and last many weeks or more,but like many therapies, laser may require several treatments to effectively resolve the underlying causes of pain and loss of function.

Q9: When do you use the low-level laser?

A: Immediately after a new injury to speed healing by preventing muscle weakness, restoring joints
and stopping further injury. Low-level laser should also be used with chronic injuries to reduce pain, improve muscle strength, and increase joint movement.

Q10: Why not just treat the point of pain?

A: Fastest healing occurs when both the point of pain and nerves associated with the pain are treated simultaneously.

Q11: Why not receive just one treatment?

A: Although the literature supports that one treatment of low-level laser therapy can generate a significant improvement in pain, strength, and joint movement, long-term pain relief often requires multiple treatments.

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You will not believe the difference laser therapy can make in your life. Each session takes only a few minutes so it’s easy to fit into your busy schedule. Laser therapy provides the relief your body has been waiting for!