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"Best Chiropractor In The World"

This doctor right here is the best chiropractor in the world. He really knows what he is doing. He took the pain out my back, and he changed my life. Great secretary and staff. Real professionals. I recommend him to everybody.

"The Best Chiropractor in Enid"

The Best Chiropractor in Enid

I was referred to Dr. Kampschroeder by a business associate who told me that he was the best chiropractor in Enid. After seeing the doc, I must say that I agree.

Thanks Doc for all of your help!


"What a great place."

I am so thrilled with the care I received today what a great place ! Caring and I can’t wait to go back !

"He ALWAYS listens."

Dr Frank and his staff are fabulous. He ALWAYS listens to my symptoms and treats me appropriately. I have been to several Chiropractors but none as good as him. I highly recommend you visit him even if only for an evaluation.

"One word for this guy. AMAZING!!!!"

If you’re looking for a chiropractor who listens to you, understands the body inside and out and can help you with back/body alignment. Then this is the place go!!! His staff and the Dr. Are so caring and solved my back problems. They even explained what I was doing wrong with my lifting to cause it to get out of wack. He introduced me to an all natural pill called max adrenal which has increased my every levels. My kids had the stomach flu once and I brought them in and he did light laser therapy on their stomach and they didn’t throw up after we left. One word for this guy. AMAZING!!!!

"Great Listener"

He is a wonderful doctor and a great listener!

"Unbelievable place"

Unbelievable place. The place to go if you need treatment.

"I can recommend his Chiropractic Care without question."

When it comes to Chiropractic care Dr. Kampschroeder is experienced and knows how to get a person up and back on their feet. If you are having problems and need help, I can recommend his Chiropractic Care without question. I was in a car accident years ago. I was really hurt in the back and neck area. I appreciate his knowledge and I appreciate the fact that he got me functioning again like a normal person. I no longer need Chiropractic care but if I ever do I would use Dr. Kampschroeder again.